Making research data disco ch data discoverable: an outr able: an outreach activity of each activity of Datacite

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DataCite is a global international non-profit organisation that was founded in London in December 2009. DataCite is a platform for researchers and librarians to discover knowledge on data citations and to keep up with new data citation innovations. Librarians can be called upon to work in e-science and data management to help a researcher locate a particular dataset and help that researcher correctly cite that dataset. A librarian may also be invited to assist a researcher in generating a citation for their dataset or assigning a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) so that others can identify and use the correctly assigned dataset. DataCite serves as a platform that provides a format for data citation and assigns datasets to DOIs. DataCite also provides a metadata schema for librarians that describe what information, along with recommended usage instructions, should be included in a dataset for citation and retrieval purposes. In data management preparation, this schema can aid, as it offers simple examples of the types of descriptors required to define a dataset. The task of DataCite to provide data citations and permanent attribution identifiers is critical because universities such as Columbia are now adding the data of a researcher as a production that can count against his or her tenure or promotion. Librarians should also allow their researchers to correctly cite data and to ensure that their own data is correctly cited so that their data can be properly credited and obtained.
The enormous growth in research data generated today has highlighted the value of data management (RDM) to make research FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interconnected and Reusable). Appropriate data instructs researchers to use and reuse that data within appropriate citations and attribute it to the author. And Data citation refers to the process of presenting a reference to data in the same way as a bibliographic reference to printed resources is regularly provided by researchers. In this regard, the objective of this paper is to investigate the activities of the Datacite website in managing research data.