The jet of Markarian 501 from the sub-parsec to the kpc scale

Giovannini, G.
Giroletti, M.
Taylor, G. B.
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We have observed the BL Lac object Markarian 501 at 1.4 GHz with the High Sensitivity Array and at 86 GHz with the global VLBI mm array. Thanks to the great resolution and sensitivity provided by these instruments, we probe regions of the radio jets never accessed before. The new data at 1.4 GHz allow us to map the one-sided jet at large distances from the core, and to constrain jet properties thanks to the high jet to counter-jet brightness ratio. The 86 GHz data give us a high resolution image of the nuclear region. Putting together these new results and available published data we discuss the properties of this source from sub-parsec to kiloparsec scales.
Comment: Contributed talk at the international meeting "Extragalactic Jets: Theory and Observation from Radio to Gamma Ray"; T. A. Rector and D. S. De Young (eds.) - Girdwood, Alaska, 21-24 May, 2007. 6 pgs, in press