FCNC-induced heavy-quark events at the LHC from Supersymmetry

Bejar, Santi
Guasch, Jaume
Lopez-Val, David
Sola, Joan
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We analyze the production and subsequent decay of the neutral Higgs bosons of the MSSM into electrically neutral quark pairs qq'=bs,tc of different flavors at the LHC and compare with the direct FCNC production mechanisms. The cross-sections are computed in the unconstrained MSSM with minimal flavor-mixing sources and taking into account the stringent bounds from radiative B-meson decays. We extend the results previously found for these FCNC processes, which are singularly uncommon in the SM. Specifically, we report here on the SUSY-EW contribution of the Higgs-mediated FCNC cross-section into bs and tc final states and the SUSY-QCD and SUSY-EW contributions to bs-production. In this way, the complete map of MSSM predictions for the qq'-pairs produced at the LHC becomes available. The upshot is that the most favorable channels are: 1) the Higgs boson FCNC decays into bs, and 2) the direct production of tc pairs, both of them at the 1 pb level and mediated by SUSY-QCD effects. If, however, the latter are suppressed, we find a small SUSY-EW yield for the tc-production through Higgs decays but, at the same time, a cross-section of 0.1-1 pb for bs-production, which implies a significant number (10^4-10^5) of bs-pairs per 100 inverse femtobarn of integrated luminosity.
Comment: LaTeX, 17 pages, 4 figures, 4 tables. Extended discussion. Accepted in Phys. Lett. B
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology