Quenched large deviations for multidimensional random walk in random environment: a variational formula

Rosenbluth, Jeffrey M.
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We take the point of view of the particle in a multidimensional nearest neighbor random walk in random environment (RWRE). We prove a quenched large deviation principle and derive a variational formula for the quenched rate function. Most of the previous results in this area rely on the subadditive ergodic theorem. We employ a different technique which is based on a minimax theorem. Large deviation principles for RWRE have been proven for i.i.d. nestling environments subject to a moment condition and for ergodic uniformly elliptic environments. We assume only that the environment is ergodic and the transition probabilities satisfy a moment condition.
Comment: 60 pages. A dissertation submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Ph.D. degree of the Mathematics Department at New York University (January, 2006)
Mathematics - Probability, 82C44, 60F10.