Clustering Coefficients of Protein-Protein Interaction Networks

Miller, Gerald A.
Shi, Yi Y.
Qian, Hong
Bomsztyk, Karol
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The properties of certain networks are determined by hidden variables that are not explicitly measured. The conditional probability (propagator) that a vertex with a given value of the hidden variable is connected to k of other vertices determines all measurable properties. We study hidden variable models and find an averaging approximation that enables us to obtain a general analytical result for the propagator. Analytic results showing the validity of the approximation are obtained. We apply hidden variable models to protein-protein interaction networks (PINs) in which the hidden variable is the association free-energy, determined by distributions that depend on biochemistry and evolution. We compute degree distributions as well as clustering coefficients of several PINs of different species; good agreement with measured data is obtained. For the human interactome two different parameter sets give the same degree distributions, but the computed clustering coefficients differ by a factor of about two. This shows that degree distributions are not sufficient to determine the properties of PINs.
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Quantitative Biology - Quantitative Methods, Condensed Matter - Statistical Mechanics, Physics - Biological Physics, Quantitative Biology - Molecular Networks