Approach to a rational rotation number in a piecewise isometric system

Lowenstein, John H.
Vivaldi, Franco
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We study a parametric family of piecewise rotations of the torus, in the limit in which the rotation number approaches the rational value 1/4. There is a region of positive measure where the discontinuity set becomes dense in the limit; we prove that in this region the area occupied by stable periodic orbits remains positive. The main device is the construction of an induced map on a domain with vanishing measure; this map is the product of two involutions, and each involution preserves all its atoms. Dynamically, the composition of these involutions represents linking together two sector maps; this dynamical system features an orderly array of stable periodic orbits having a smooth parameter dependence, plus irregular contributions which become negligible in the limit.
Comment: LaTeX, 57 pages with 13 figures
Mathematics - Dynamical Systems, 37E99