Dynamically Generated Anomalous Magnetic Moment in Massless QED

Ferrer, Efrain J.
de la Incera, Vivian
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In this paper we investigate the non-perturbative generation of an anomalous magnetic moment for massless fermions in the presence of an external magnetic field. In the context of massless QED in a magnetic field, we prove that the phenomenon of magnetic catalysis of chiral symmetry breaking, which has been associated in the literature with dynamical mass generation, is also responsible for the generation of a dynamical anomalous magnetic moment. As a consequence, the degenerate energy of electrons in Landau levels higher than zero exhibits Zeeman splitting. We explicitly report the splitting for the first Landau level and find the non-perturbative Lande $\textit{g}$-factor and Bohr magneton. We anticipate that a dynamically generated anomalous magnetic moment will be a universal feature of theories with magnetic catalysis. Our findings can be important for condensed planar systems as graphene, as well as for highly magnetized dense systems as those forming the core of compact stars.
Comment: Version to appear in Nucl. Phys. B. A few misprints in the formulas were corrected and some references added
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology