Phenomenology of the constrained NMSSM

Djouadi, A.
Ellwanger, U.
Teixeira, A. M.
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We discuss several phenomenological aspects of the fully constrained version of the next-to-minimal supersymmetric extension of the standard model (cNMSSM). Assuming universal boundary conditions at a high energy scale for the soft supersymmetry-breaking gaugino, sfermion and Higgs masses as well as for the trilinear interactions, we find that the model can satisfy all present constraints from colliders and cosmological data on dark matter, B- and muon-physics. The phenomenologically viable region of the parameter space of the cNMSSM can be described by essentially one single parameter as the universal gaugino mass parameter M_{1/2}, and corresponds to small values for the universal scalar mass m_0. The lightest supersymmetric particle is always a singlino-like neutralino that is almost degenerate with the lightest tau slepton. We study the particle spectrum of the model and its signatures at the LHC, such as possibly long-lived tau sleptons at the end of decay chains, that would distinguish the cNMSSM from the constrained MSSM.
Comment: 30 pages, 14 figures, references and comments added
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology