Experimental (n,$\gamma$) cross sections of the p-process nuclei $^{74}$Se and $^{84}$Sr

Dillmann, I.
Heil, M.
Käppeler, F.
Rauscher, T.
Thielemann, F. -K.
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The nucleosynthesis of elements beyond iron is dominated by the s and r processes. However, a small amount of stable isotopes on the proton-rich side cannot be made by neutron capture and are thought to be produced by photodisintegration reactions on existing seed nuclei in the so-called "p process". So far most of the p-process reactions are not yet accessible by experimental techniques and have to be inferred from statistical Hauser-Feshbach model calculations. The parametrization of these models has to be constrained by measurements on stable proton-rich nuclei. A series of (n,$\gamma$) activation measurements, related by detailed balance to the respective photodisintegrations, were carried out at the Karlsruhe Van de Graaff accelerator using the $^7$Li(p,n)$^7$Be source for simulating a Maxwellian neutron distribution of kT= 25 keV. First results for the experimental (n,$\gamma$) cross sections of the light p nuclei $^{74}$Se and $^{84}$Sr are reported. These experimental values were used for an extrapolation to the Maxwellian averaged cross section at 30 keV, $<\sigma>_{30}$, yielding 271$\pm$15 mb for $^{74}$Se, and 300$\pm$17 mb for the total capture cross section of $^{84}$Sr. The partial cross section to the isomer in $^{85}$Sr was found to be 190$\pm$10 mb.
Comment: 10 pages, 5 figures
Astrophysics, Nuclear Experiment