Common origin of \theta_{13} and \Delta m^2_{12} in a model of neutrino mass with quaternion symmetry

Frigerio, Michele
Ma, Ernest
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The smallness of the 1-3 lepton mixing angle $\theta_{13}$ and of the neutrino mass-squared-difference ratio $\Delta m^2_{12}/\Delta m^2_{23}$ can be understood as the departure from a common limit where they both vanish. We discuss in general the conditions for realizing the mass degeneracy of a pair of neutrinos and show that the vanishing of a CP violating phase is needed. We find that the discrete quaternion group Q of eight elements is the simplest family symmetry which correlates the smallness of $\Delta m^2_{12}$ to the value of $\theta_{13}$. In such a model we predict $0.12\lesssim \sin\theta_{13} \lesssim 0.2$ if the ordering of the neutrino mass spectrum is normal, and $\sin\theta_{13}\lesssim 0.12$ if it is inverted.
Comment: revtex, 7 pages, 6 pdf figures; Appendix added discussing in detail the alignment of VEVs
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology, High Energy Physics - Experiment