Correlating Raman Spectral Signatures with Carrier Mobility in Epitaxial Graphene: A Guide to Achieving High Mobility on the Wafer Scale

Robinson, Joshua A.
Wetherington, Maxwell
Tedesco, Joseph L.
Campbell, Paul M.
Weng, Xiaojun
Stitt, Joseph
Fanton, Mark A.
Frantz, Eric
Snyder, David
VanMil, Brenda L.
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We report a direct correlation between carrier mobility and Raman topography of epitaxial graphene (EG) grown on silicon carbide (SiC). We show the Hall mobility of material on the Si-face of SiC [SiC(0001)] is not only highly dependent on thickness uniformity but also on monolayer strain uniformity. Only when both thickness and strain are uniform over a significant fraction (> 40%) of the device active area does the mobility exceed 1000 cm2/V-s. Additionally, we achieve high mobility epitaxial graphene (18,100 cm2/V-s at room temperature) on the C-face of SiC [SiC(000-1)] and show that carrier mobility depends strongly on the graphene layer stacking. These findings provide a means to rapidly estimate carrier mobility and provide a guide to achieve very high mobility in epitaxial graphene. Our results suggest that ultra-high mobilities (>50,000 cm2/V-s) are achievable via the controlled formation of uniform, rotationally faulted epitaxial graphene.
Comment: 13 pages including supplimental material. Submitted to Nature Materials 2/23/2009
Condensed Matter - Materials Science