A note on the universality of the Hagedorn behavior of pp-wave strings

Hamilton, Alex
Murugan, Jeff
Prinsloo, Andrea
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Following on from recent studies of string theory on a one-parameter family of integrable deformations of $AdS_{5}\times S^{5}$ proposed by Lunin and Maldacena, we carry out a systematic analysis of the high temperature properties of type IIB strings on the associated pp-wave geometries. In particular, through the computation of the thermal partition function and free energy we find that not only does the theory exhibit a Hagedorn transition in both the $(J,0,0)$ and $(J,J,J)$ class of pp-waves, but that the Hagedorn temperature is insensitive to the deformation suggesting an interesting universality in the high temperature behaviour of the pp-wave string theory. We comment also on the implications of this universality on the confinement/deconfinement transition in the dual $\mathcal{N}=1$ Leigh-Strassler deformation of ${\cal N}=4$ Yang-Mills theory.
Comment: 25 pages; fixed minor typo; added references
High Energy Physics - Theory