On Prime Reciprocals in the Cantor Set

Salas, Christian
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The middle-third Cantor set C_3 is a fractal consisting of all the points in [0, 1] which have non-terminating base-3 representations involving only the digits 0 and 2. It is easily shown that the reciprocals of all prime numbers p > 3 satisfying an equation of the form 2p + 1 = 3^q belong to C_3. Such prime numbers have base-3 representations consisting of a contiguous sequence of 1's and are known as base-3 repunit primes. It is natural to ask whether all prime numbers with reciprocals in C_3 satisfy this equation. In this paper we show that the answer is no, but all primes with reciprocals in C_3 do satisfy a closely related equation of the form 2pK + 1 = 3^q. The base-3 repunit primes are thus shown to be a special case corresponding to K = 1.
Mathematics - Number Theory, 11A41 (Primary)