CDF Multi-Muon Events and Singlet Extensions of the MSSM

Domingo, Florian
Ellwanger, Ulrich
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We discuss a generalization of the minimal supersymmetric extension of the Standard Model in the form of three additional singlet superfields, which would explain the essential features of the CDF multi-muon events presented recently: a large production cross section of ~ 100 pb originates from the production of a CP-odd scalar A with a mass in the 70 - 80 GeV range and a large value of tan(beta) ~ 40. The CP-odd scalar A decays dominantly into CP-odd and CP-even scalars a_1 and h_1, which generate decay cascades h_1 -> 2 h_2 -> 4 a_2 -> 8 tau-leptons, and a_1 -> h_1 a_2 with h_1 decaying as above. The decay a_2 -> tau+ tau- is slow, leading to a lifetime of O(20) ps. The phenomenology of the model differs from similar scenarios presented before in that one of the two cascades leads to 10 instead of 8 tau-leptons, and additional production processes like associate A production with b b-bar pairs are relevant.
Comment: 10 pages, comments on the required total cross section added, to appear in MPLA
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology