A study on the anomaly of $p$ over $\pi$ ratios in $Au+Au$ collisions with jet quenching

Chen, Xiaofang
Zhang, Hanzhong
Zhang, Ben-Wei
Wang, Enke
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The ratios of $p/\pi$ at large transverse momentum in central $Au+Au$ collisions at RHIC are studied in the framework of jet quenching based on a next-to-leading order pQCD parton model. It is shown that theoretical calculations with a gluon energy loss larger than the quark energy loss will naturally lead to a smaller $p/\pi$ ratios at large transverse momentum in $Au+Au$ collisions than those in $p+p$ collisions at the same energy. Scenarios with equal energy losses for gluons and quarks and a strong jet conversion are both explored and it is demonstrated in both scenarios $p/\pi$ ratios at high $p_T$ in central $Au+Au$ collisions are enhanced and the calculated ratios of protons over pions approach to the experimental measurements. However, ${\bar p}/p$ in the latter scenario is found to fit data better than that in the former scenario.
Comment: 20 pages, 13 figures; revised version; accepted for publication in Journal of Physics G
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology