CPT violation in long baseline neutrino experiments: a three flavor analysis

Dighe, Amol
Ray, Shamayita
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We explore possible signals of CPT violation in neutrinos in the complete three-flavor framework. Employing a systematic expansion in small parameters, we analytically estimate the CPT violating contributions to the survival probabilities of $\nu_\mu, \bar{\nu}_\mu, \nu_e$ and $\bar{\nu}_e$. The results indicate that, in spite of the large number of CPT violating parameters, only a small number of combinations are relevant for oscillation experiments. We identify the combinations that can be constrained at the long baseline experiments, and show that their contribution to the neutrino Hamiltonian can be bounded to $< 10^{-23}$ GeV, by considering the NOvA experiment for the muon sector, and neutrino factories for the electron sector.This formalism also allows us to translate the bounds on the parameters describing non-standard interactions of neutrinos into the bounds on CPT violating quantities.
Comment: v2: 23 pages, 8 figures, revtex4. A new section on non-standard interaction (NSI) of neutrinos added. Version to appear in Phys. Rev. D
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology