Radon, cosine and sine transforms on Grassmannian manifolds

Zhang, Genkai
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Let $G_{n,r}(\bbK)$ be the Grassmannian manifold of $k$-dimensional $\bbK$-subspaces in $\bbK^n$ where $\bbK=\mathbb R, \mathbb C, \mathbb H$ is the field of real, complex or quaternionic numbers. We consider the Radon, cosine and sine transforms, $\mathcal R_{r^\prime, r}$, $\mathcal C_{r^\prime, r}$ and $\mathcal S_{r^\prime, r}$, from the $L^2$ space $L^2(G_{n,r}(\bbK))$ to the space $L^2(G_{n,r^\prime}(\bbK))$, for $r, r^\prime \le n-1$. The $L^2$ spaces are decomposed into irreducible representations of $G$ with multiplicity free. We compute the spectral symbols of the transforms under the decomposition. For that purpose we prove two Bernstein-Sato type formulas on general root systems of type BC for the sine and cosine type functions on the compact torus $\mathbb R^r/{2\pi Q^\vee}$ generalizing our recent results for the hyperbolic sine and cosine functions on the non-compact space $\mathbb R^r$. We find then also a characterization of the images of the transforms. Our results generalize those of Alesker-Bernstein and Grinberg. We prove further that the Knapp-Stein intertwining operator for certain induced representations is given by the sine transform and we give the unitary structure of the Stein's complementary series in the compact picture.
Comment: This is an updated version of the article ArXiv 0810.5257 with the same title
Mathematics - Representation Theory