The Atiyah--Segal completion theorem in twisted K-theory

Lahtinen, Anssi
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In this note we prove the analogue of the Atiyah-Segal completion theorem for equivariant twisted K-theory in the setting of an arbitrary compact Lie group G and an arbitrary twisting of the usually considered type. The theorem generalizes a result by C. Dwyer, who has proven the theorem for finite G and twistings of a more restricted type. While versions of the general result have been known to experts, to our knowledge no proof appears in the current literature. Our goal is to fill in this gap. The proof we give proceeds in two stages. We first prove the theorem in the case of a twisting arising from a graded central extension of G, following the Adams-Haeberly-Jackowski-May proof of the classical Atiyah-Segal completion theorem. After establishing that the theorem holds for this special class of twistings, we then deduce the general theorem by a Mayer-Vietoris argument.
Comment: 13 pages. The numbering of theorems, lemmas and corollaries is the same as in the published version
Mathematics - Algebraic Topology, Mathematics - K-Theory and Homology, 55N15, 19L50, 19L47, 55P91