On the tilt of Fundamental Plane by Clausius' virial maximum theory

Secco, Luigi
Bindoni, Daniele
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The theory of the Clausius' virial maximum to explain the Fundamental Plane (FP) proposed by Secco (2000, 2001,2005) is based on the existence of a maximum in the Clausius' Virial (CV) potential energy of a early type galaxy (ETG) stellar component when it is completely embedded inside a dark matter (DM) halo. At the first order approximation the theory was developed by modeling the two-components with two cored power-law density profiles. An higher level of approximation is now taken into account by developing the same theory when the stellar component is modeled by a King-model with a cut-off. Even if the DM halo density remains a cored power law the inner component is now more realistic for the ETGs. The new formulation allows us to understand more deeply what is the dynamical reason of the FP tilt and in general how the CV theory may really be the engine to produce the FP main features. The degeneracy of FP in respect to the initial density perturbation spectrum may be now full understood in a CDM cosmological scenario. A possible way to compare the FPs predicted by the theory with those obtained by observations is also exemplified.
Comment: 35 pages, 8 figures
Astrophysics - Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics