Solving physical design problems on a vector machine

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Ravikumar, C P
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In this paper, discribe parallel algorithms for two physical design problems.The target machine is the Alliant FX/80, which is shared memory multiprocessor with up to 8 advanced computational elements which are individually capable of vector operation. First, we discribe the parallel implementation of an n-dimensional circuit placement algorithm. The objective of the placement problem is to arrange n logic blocks in an n-dimensional space so as to minimize the length of the interconnect wiring among the blocks. The problem is known to be NP-complete,The numerical optimization technique presented in this paper finds a local optimum solution. Next, we discuss a parallel version of Kernighan and Lin's algorithm for the two way circuit partition problem. Given a logic blocks and their connectivity matrix C, the problem is to generate a balanced two way partition of the blocks such that the wiring across the partition is minimum. The partition problem is NP-complete, but the Kernighan-Lin heuristic algorithm generates a near optimal solutions.
parallel algorithms, heuristic algorithms generates