The Contribution of Radio Selected Star Forming Galaxies to the IR Energy Density Budget

Seymour, N.
Dwelly, T.
Moss, D.
McHardy, I.
Zoghbi, A.
Rieke, G.
Page, M.
Hopkins, A.
Loaring, N.
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We have used several different methods (radio morphology, radio spectral index, mid-IR to radio and near-IR to radio flux density ratios) to discriminate between AGN and SFGs in faint, sub-mJy radio surveys. We find that the latter two methods are the most powerful with current multi-wavelength data, but that future radio surveys with eMERLIN, LOFAR etc. (and ultimately the SKA) will greatly increase the power of the morphology and spectral index methods. As an example of the science possible we derive the IR luminosity density from the radio-selected SFGs using the radio/IR luminosity correlation. We also examine the contribution by luminosity to the total IR luminosity density and find evidence that fraction of LIRGs remains constant or decreases above z=1 while the relative fraction of ULIRGs continues to increase up to z=2.5.
Comment: 2pages, 1 figure in "Panoramic Views of Galaxy Formation and Evolution" the 1st Subaru international conference, Hayama, Japan, Dec. 2007