Hybrid Inflation Revisited in Light of WMAP5

Rehman, Mansoor Ur
Shafi, Qaisar
Wickman, Joshua R.
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We study the effects of including one-loop radiative corrections in a non-supersymmetric hybrid inflationary model. These corrections can arise from Yukawa couplings between the inflaton and right-handed neutrinos, and induce a maximum in the potential which admits hilltop-type solutions in addition to the standard hybrid solutions. We obtain a red-tilted spectral index $n_s$, consistent with WMAP5 data, for sub-Planckian values of the field. This is in contrast to the tree level hybrid analysis, in which a red-tilted spectrum is achieved only for trans-Planckian values of the field. Successful reheating is obtained at the end of the inflationary phase via conversion of the inflaton and waterfall fields into right-handed neutrinos, whose subsequent decay can explain the observed baryon asymmetry via leptogenesis.
Comment: 18 pages (double spaced), including 6 figures and 1 table (v1); 13 pages (single spaced), added 3 references to Ref. [14] and modified placement of table and some figures (v2)
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology, Astrophysics - Cosmology and Nongalactic Astrophysics