People-Sensing Spatial Characteristics of RF Sensor Networks

Patwari, Neal
Wilson, Joey
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An "RF sensor" network can monitor RSS values on links in the network and perform device-free localization, i.e., locating a person or object moving in the area in which the network is deployed. This paper provides a statistical model for the RSS variance as a function of the person's position w.r.t. the transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX). We show that the ensemble mean of the RSS variance has an approximately linear relationship with the expected total affected power (ETAP). We then use analysis to derive approximate expressions for the ETAP as a function of the person's position, for both scattering and reflection. Counterintuitively, we show that reflection, not scattering, causes the RSS variance contours to be shaped like Cassini ovals. Experimental tests reported here and in past literature are shown to validate the analysis.
Computer Science - Networking and Internet Architecture, C.2.1