Entangled black holes as ciphers of hidden information

Braunstein, Samuel L.
Sommers, Hans-Jürgen
Życzkowski, Karol
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The black-hole information paradox has fueled a fascinating effort to reconcile the predictions of general relativity and those of quantum mechanics. Gravitational considerations teach us that black holes must trap everything that falls into them. Quantum mechanically the mass of a black hole leaks away as featureless (Hawking) radiation. However, if Hawking's analysis turned out to be accurate then the information would be irretrievably lost and a fundamental axiom of quantum mechanics, that of unitary evolution, would likewise fail. Here we show that the information about the matter that collapses to form a black hole becomes encoded into pure correlations within a tripartite quantum system, the quantum analog of a one-time pad until very late in the evaporation, provided we accept the view that the thermodynamic entropy of a black hole is due to entropy of entanglement. In this view the black hole entropy is primarily due to trans-event horizon entanglement between external modes neighboring the black hole and internal degrees of freedom of the black hole.
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Quantum Physics, General Relativity and Quantum Cosmology, High Energy Physics - Theory