Strong-to-weak-coupling duality in the nonequilibrium interacting resonant-level model

Schiller, Avraham
Andrei, Natan
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A strong-to-weak-coupling duality is established for the nonequilibrium interacting resonant-level model, describing tunneling through a single spinless level, capacitively coupled to two leads by a contact interaction. For large capacitive coupling, U, and in the presence of a finite voltage bias, the model maps onto an equivalent model with a small capacitive coupling \rho U' \sim 1/ \rho U. Here \rho is the conduction-electron density of states. This duality is generic to all high-energy cutoff schemes, however its details may vary from one regularization scheme to another. In particular, it has the status of an exact mapping within Abelian bosonization, applicable to all repulsive interactions whether weak, intermediate or strong. On a lattice the mapping is restricted to large U, and is controlled by the small parameter 1/\rho U. Explicit expressions are given for the low-energy scale, differential conductance, and occupancy of the level in the limit where U is large.
Condensed Matter - Strongly Correlated Electrons, Condensed Matter - Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics