Reaction mechanisms for weakly-bound, stable nuclei and unstable, halo nuclei on medium-mass targets

Beck, C.
Rowley, N.
Papka, P.
Courtin, S.
Souza, F. A.
Carlin, N.
Neto, R. Liguori
de Moura, M. M.
del Santo, M. G.
Suaide, A. A. I.
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An experimental overview of reactions induced by the stable, but weakly-bound nuclei 6Li, 7Li and 9Be, and by the exotic, halo nuclei 6He, 8B, 11Be and 17F on medium-mass targets, such as 58Ni, 59Co or 64Zn, is presented. Existing data on elastic scattering, total reaction cross sections, fusion processes, breakup and transfer channels are discussed in the framework of a CDCC approach taking into account the breakup degree of freedom.
Comment: 7 pages, 6 figures, Invited Talk given by C. Beck to the 10th International Conference on Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions, August 16-21, 2009 Beijing, China; Paper submitted to the NN2009 Proceedings, Nuclear Physics A (to be published)
Nuclear Experiment, Nuclear Theory