AdS_4/CFT_3 duals from M2-branes at hypersurface singularities and their deformations

Martelli, Dario
Sparks, James
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We construct three-dimensional N=2 Chern-Simons-quiver theories which are holographically dual to the M-theory Freund-Rubin solutions AdS_4 x V_{5,2}/Z_k (with or without torsion G-flux), where V_{5,2} is a homogeneous Sasaki-Einstein seven-manifold. The global symmetry group of these theories is generically SU(2) x U(1) x U(1)_R, and they are hence non-toric. The field theories may be thought of as the n=2 member of a family of models, labelled by a positive integer n, arising on multiple M2-branes at certain hypersurface singularities. We describe how these models can be engineered via generalized Hanany-Witten brane constructions. The AdS_4 x V_{5,2}/Z_k solutions may be deformed to a warped geometry R^{1,2} x T^* S^4/Z_k, with self-dual G-flux through the four-sphere. We show that this solution is dual to a supersymmetric mass deformation, which precisely modifies the classical moduli space of the field theory to the deformed geometry.
Comment: 62 pages, 7 figures
High Energy Physics - Theory