Adaptive control of CO$_2$ bending vibration: deciphering field-system dynamics

Chen, G. -Y.
Wang, Z. W.
Hill III, W. T.
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We combined adaptive closed-loop optimization, phase-shaping with a restricted search space and imaging to control dynamics and decipher the optimal pulse. The approach was applied to controlling the amplitude of CO$_2$ bending vibration during strong-field Coulomb explosion. The search space was constrained by expressing the spectral phase as a Taylor series, which generated pulses with characteristics commensurate with the natural physical features of this problem. Optimal pulses were obtained that enhanced bending by up to 56% relative to what is observed with comparably intense, transform limited pulses. We show that (1) this judicious choice of a reduced parameter set made unwrapping the dynamics more transparent and (2) the enhancement is consistent with field-induced structural changes to a bent excited state of CO$_2^{2+}$, which theoretical simulations have identified as the state from which the explosion originates.
Comment: 4 pages, 3 figures, 1 table, added references
Physics - Atomic Physics, Physics - Atomic and Molecular Clusters