Quantum bistability and spin current shot noise of a single quantum dot coupled to an optical microcavity

Djuric, Ivana
Zivkovic, Marko
Search, Chris P.
Recine, Greg
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Here we explore spin dependent quantum transport through a single quantum dot coupled to an optical microcavity. The spin current is generated by electron tunneling between a single doped reservoir and the dot combined with intradot spin flip transitions induced by a quantized cavity mode. In the limit of strong Coulomb blockade, this model is analogous to the Jaynes-Cummings model in quantum optics and generates a pure spin current in the absence of any charge current. Earlier research has shown that in the classical limit where a large number of such dots interact with the cavity field, the spin current exhibits bistability as a function of the laser amplitude that drives the cavity. We show that in the limit of a single quantum dot this bistability continues to be present in the intracavity photon statistics. Signatures of the bistable photon statistics manifest themselves in the frequency dependent shot noise of the spin current despite the fact that the quantum mechanical average spin current no longer exhibits bistability. Besides having significance for future quantum dot based optoelectronic devices, our results shed light on the relation between bistability, which is traditionally viewed as a classical effect, and quantum mechanics.
Condensed Matter - Mesoscale and Nanoscale Physics