Can the energy density of gravitational field be interpreted as dark energy?

Majernik, V.
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After a brief review of the Maxwell-like approach to gravity we consider the issue of the negative energy of gravitational field which is a consequence of the field approach to the phenomenon of gravitation. Due to the existence of the negative field energy {\it within} a mass body its total energy content is smaller than the positive energy assigned to its mass energy. We study the total energy content of a spherically symmetrical mass body having constant matter density, and show that its total energy content depends on its radius. We show that under certain circumstances, the total energy content of a mass body achieves negative values so that the force at its surface becomes repulsive. We apply this idea to the evolution of universe filled by matter and the negative energy density of its gravitational field. Since the negative energy density causes the negative pressure it might be considered as an agent which causes the acceleration of the universe.
Comment: 13 pages
Physics - General Physics