Holographic Baryons : Static Properties and Form Factors from Gauge/String Duality

Hashimoto, Koji
Sakai, Tadakatsu
Sugimoto, Shigeki
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In this paper, we study properties of baryons by using a holographic dual of QCD on the basis of the D4/D8-brane configuration, where baryons are described by a soliton. We first determine the asymptotic behavior of the soliton solution, which allows us to evaluate well-defined currents associated with the U(N_f)_L \times U(N_f)_R chiral symmetry. Using the currents, we compute static quantities of baryons such as charge radii and magnetic moments, and make a quantitative test with experiments. It is emphasized that not only the nucleon but also excited baryons, such as \Delta, N(1440), N(1535) etc., can be analyzed systematically in this model. We also investigate the form factors and find that our form factors agree well with the results that are well-established empirically. With the form factors, the effective baryon-baryon-meson cubic coupling constants among their infinite towers in the model can be determined. Some physical implications following from these results are discussed.
Comment: Latex 2e, 45 pages, v2: a figure is added to compare electromagnetic form factors with a dipole profile, v3: version published in PTP, v4: magnetic moments of Delta corrected
High Energy Physics - Theory, High Energy Physics - Phenomenology, Nuclear Theory