On the Low Energy Spectra of the Nonsupersymmetric Heterotic String Theories

Faraggi, Alon E.
Tsulaia, Mirian
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The ten dimensional string theories as well as eleven dimensional supergravity are conjectured to arise as limits of a more basic theory, traditionaly dubbed M--theory. This notion is confined to the ten dimensional supersymmetric theories. String theory, however, also contains ten dimensional nonsupersymmetric theories that have not been incorporated into this picture. In this note we explore the possibility of generating the low energy spectra of various nonsupersymmetric heterotic string vacua form the Horava--Witten model. We argue that this can be achieved by imposing on the Horava--Witten model an invariance with respect to some extra operators which identify the orbifold fixed planes in a nontrivial way, and demonstrate it for the E_8 and SO(16)XSO(16) heterotic string vacua in ten dimensions.
Comment: 10 pages
High Energy Physics - Theory, High Energy Physics - Phenomenology