On the Interplay Between the 'Low' and 'High' Energy CP-Violation in Leptogenesis

Molinaro, E.
Petcov, S. T.
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The CP-violation necessary for the generation of the baryon asymmetry of the Universe in the "flavoured" leptogenesis scenario can arise from the "low energy" PMNS neutrino mixing matrix and/or from the "high energy" part of neutrino Yukawa couplings, which can mediate CP-violating phenomena only at some high energy scale. The possible interplay between these two types of CP-violation is discussed. The type I see-saw model with three heavy right-handed Majorana neutrinos having hierarchical spectrum is considered. The analysis shows that there exist regions in the leptogenesis parameter space where the relevant "high energy" phases have large CP-violating values, but the purely "high energy" contribution to the baryon asymmetry plays a subdominant/suppressed role in the production of baryon asymmetry compatible with the observations and one can have successful leptogenesis if the requisite CP-violation is provided by the Majorana phase(s) in the neutrino mixing matrix.
Comment: Submitted to the proceedings of "The 2009 Europhysics Conference on High Energy Physics", July 16 - 22, 2009, Krakow, Poland
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology