Trouble with Physics?

Harnad, J.
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This is a review of Lee Smolin's "The Trouble with Physics". The main gist of the review is that the physics of the past three decades has been rich with new discoveries in a large number of domains. The Standard Model, while providing a successful framework for the electroweak and strong interactions still needs to be developed further to fully account fot the mass of strong interaction data collected over the decades. A multitude of new phenomena have been discovered however, or predicted theoretically, in the physics of very low temperatures (e.g. fractional Hall effect, Bose-Einstein condensation) and quantum macroscopic effects (liquid crystals, high temperature superconductivity), some of which remain to be fully explained. Therefore if there is any "Trouble with Physics", as implied by the author of this book, it mainly concerns speculative work on Superstring theory, which may or may not turn out to agree with the results of observation. The subject as a whole does not appear to be in trouble.
Comment: 5 pages, book review
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