5D Black Holes and Non-linear Sigma Models

Berkooz, Micha
Pioline, Boris
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Stationary solutions of 5D supergravity with U(1) isometry can be efficiently studied by dimensional reduction to three dimensions, where they reduce to solutions to a locally supersymmetric non-linear sigma model. We generalize this procedure to 5D gauged supergravity, and identify the corresponding gauging in 3D. We pay particular attention to the case where the Killing spinor is non constant along the fibration, which results, even for ungauged supergravity in 5D, in an additional gauging in 3D, without introducing any extra potential. We further study SU(2)\times U(1) symmetric solutions, which correspond to geodesic motion on the sigma model (with potential in the gauged case). We identify and study the algebra of BPS constraints relevant for the Breckenridge-Myers-Peet-Vafa black hole, the Gutowski-Reall black hole and several other BPS solutions, and obtain the corresponding radial wave functions in the semi-classical approximation.
Comment: 36 pages, 2 figures, uses JHEP3.cls; v3: change of convention in quaternionic vielbein, misprints corrected
High Energy Physics - Theory