Supersymmetric Yang Mills Fields and Black Holes ; In Ten Dimensional Unified Field Theory

Patwardhan, Ajay
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The Ten dimensional Unified field theory has a 4 dimensional Riemannian spacetime and six dimensional Calabi Yau space structure. The supersymmetric Yang Mills fields and black holes are solutions in these theories. The formation of primordial black holes in early universe, the collapse to singularity of stellar black holes, the Hawking evaporation of microscopic black holes in LHC are topics of observational and theoretical interest. The observation of gamma ray bursts and creation of spectrum of particles and radiation of dark and normal matter occur due to primordial and microscopic black holes. The approach to singularity in black hole interior solutions, require the Bogoliubov transforms of SUSY YM fields in black hole geometries; both during formation and in evaporation. The Hawking effect of radiating black holes is applicable for all the fields. Invariants can be defined to give the conditions for these processes.
Comment: 8 pages, no figures, Physics deptt, St Xavier's college, Mumbai, India visitor, Institute of mathematical sciences, Chennai, India
Physics - General Physics