JEE Main Complete Physics

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Bjaj, N.K
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McGraw Hill Education
Complete Physics for JEE Main 2021 has been designed for the aspirants of JEE Main Examination. It covers the entire syllabus in 20 chapters, which strictly adheres to the latest pattern of examination. Each br>Chapter includes theory, solved examples and practice questions arranged in a way to guide students towards their goal.<Salient features: theoretical review of concepts supported by solved Examples 1. “Constraint method”, used to solve problems on pulleys and wedges, has been added 2. “Symmetric considerations”, used to solve problems on network of capacitors and resistors, has been added plenty of practice questions segregated into various sections fully solved multiple Choice questions arranged in two sections — section 1 and Section 2 — for each br>Chapter questions present in section 1 are multiple choice questions divided into two levels — level a and level B — in an increasing order of difficulty questions present in section 2 are passage-based multiple choice questions previous years’ questions provided with detailed solutions provided in a Chapter-wise manner includes five practice papers with solutions includes Physics sections of previous years’ JEE Main 2018, 2019 and 2020 (January) examination Papers along with solutions