Response of light equipment on torsional building with passive tuned mass damper

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Agrawal, Abhijit K
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Response behavior of an equipment system attached to a linear and torsionally coupled primary system is studied under random ground excitation idealized as broad band stationary random process, represented by white noise. A passive tuned mass damper (TMD) is attached to the equipment system to attenuate its peak responses. The response quantities of interest are relative displacement between the equipment system and the primary system, and absolute acceleration of the equipment system itself. The responses of the equipment system are evaluated under a number of important parametric variations. The variance of response quantities of interest of the equipment system are obtained by frequency domain spectral analysis. The results of the study indicate that attachment of the TMD with the equipment system and torsional coupling of the primary system significantly affect the response behavior of the equipment system.
Vibration control, Tuned mass dumper, Non-classical damping, Torsional coupling, Primary and secondary systems