Performance evaluation of irreversible stirling and ericsson heat pump cycles

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Kaushik, Subhash Chandra
Tyagi, Sudhir Kumar
Bose, Shuvendu Kumar
Singhal, Mahendra Kumar
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This communication presents the performance evaluation of irreversible Stirling and Ericsson Heat Pumps Cycles including external and internal irreversibilities along with finite heat capacities of external reservoirs. The external irreversibility is due to finite temperature difference between working fluid and external (source/sink) reservoirs fluid while the internal irreversibilities are due to regenerative heat loss and other entropy generation in the cycle. The heating load is maximized for the given power input. The heating coefficient of performance, the heat transfers to and from the heat pumps and the working fluid temperatures at these conditions have been evaluated. The effect of different parameters (reservoirs temperature, the various effectivenesses and irreversibility parameter), on the performance of these cycles have been studied. It is found that the effect of internal irreversibility parameter is more pronounced than that of other external irreversibility parameters.
Internal and external irreversibilities, Stirling and Ericsson heat pumps, Optimum performance, Heating load, Power input, Lagrangian multiplier