An Energy Efficient Crypto Suit for Secure Underwater Sensor Communication using Genetic Algorithm

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Fozia Hanif Khan
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Sukkur IBA Journal of Emerging Technologies
With the advancement in technology, there has been a keen interest of researchers and industrial institution in the use of Underwater Sensors Networks (UWSN). This study is devoted to the secure communication between the underwater sensors networks which is now a day’s most widely used for oceanographic abnormalities, and to track submarines that perform the surveillance and navigation. But UWSNs has its limitations such as multipath, propagation delay, low bandwidth, and limited battery as compared to traditional WSNs that causes a low life in comparison with WSNs. Secure communication in UWSNs is more difficult due to the above-mentioned limitations which need ultralightweight components. There are many miscellaneous attacks due to which sensors can be able to lose both data availability and integrity that is why this study is basically to design an efficient algorithm that possesses less computation and use less space for secure communication. The proposed algorithm will initially establish the first half of the key through a genetic algorithm and then will develop the remaining part. After that encryption algorithm is proposed for the secure communication between UWSNs and its performance will be evaluated based on throughput, running time, space usage, and avalanche effect.