A decahaem cytochrome as an electron conduit in proteinΓÇôenzyme redox processes Lee, Chong-Yong Reuillard, Bertrand Sokol, Katarzyna Laftsoglou, Theodoros Lockwood, Colin WJ Rowe, Sam F Hwang, Ee Taek Fontecilla-Camps, Juan C Jeuken, Lars JC Butt, Julea N Reisner, Erwin
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dc.description The decahaem cytochrome MtrC from Shewanella oneidensis MR-1 was employed as a protein electron conduit between a porous indium tin oxide electrode and redox enzymes. Using a hydrogenase and a fumarate reductase, MtrC was shown as a suitable and efficient diode to shuttle electrons to and from the electrode with the MtrC redox activity regulating the direction of the enzymatic reactions.
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dc.publisher Royal Society of Chemistry
dc.title A decahaem cytochrome as an electron conduit in proteinΓÇôenzyme redox processes
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