A physical basis for stress reduction during ion beam assisted deposition

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Jain, Amitabh
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Deposition of thin films and ion implantation in solids have been actively pursued as a means of enhancing surface properties. Conventional thin films often suffer from stresses which limit their mechanical integrity (1). Ion implantation has a limitation in terms of the depth to which the surface region is influenced. Ion beam assisted deposition (IBAD) which began with the work of Hirsch and Varga (2) has been shown to avoid these disadvantages by the simultaneous use of deposition and ion bombardment techniques. Although there are many possible benefits of using IBAD (3,4,5), we will be concerned here primarily with reduced stresses. Attempts have been made to explain the process involved but a full understanding is yet to emerge. In this work we show for the first time that the stress that tends to appear in a growing film will influence the microstructural evolution caused by ion bombardment in a manner that causes the stress to reduce.
thin films, and ion implantation, Ion implantation has a limitation, beam assisted deposition (IBAD), ion bombardment techniques, influence the microstructural evolution