Herramientas de normalización para bibliotecas universitarias Mobile information services within the academic library

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Giordanino, Eduardo Pablo
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Universidad de Costa Rica
Reseña de Estándares del Sistema de Bibliotecas de la Universidad de Buenos Aires / Comisión Técnica de Estándares del Sistema de Bibliotecas de la UBA. Buenos Aires: Universidad de Buenos Aires. Sistema de Bibliotecas y de Información, 2013. 88 p. ISBN 978-950-29-1449-7  
The objective of this study is to analyze the integration of mobile information services in academic libraries, to clarify the theoretical and methodological elements involved in the generation of innovative library services of information. The mobile information services in academic libraries are adopted by different user communities that frequent this type of libraries. Mobile devices make possible the remote consultation of digital information resources through the use of mobile applications generated or adapted by academic libraries. This phenomenon has led to the emergence of intelligent academic libraries, characterized by the technological innovation of processes and the use of mobile technologies to support academic activities and research in the universities. 
Mobile technology, smart library, library's information services, estándares bibliotecarios, bibliotecas universitarias, normalización