Supersymmetry Breaking and Radius Stabilization by Constant Boundary Superpotentials in Warped Space

Maru, Nobuhito
Sakai, Norisuke
Uekusa, Nobuhiro
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Supersymmetry breaking and radius stabilization by constant superpotentials localized at boundaries is studied in a supersymmetric warped space model where a hypermultiplet, a compensator and a radion multiplet are taken into account. Soft mass induced by the anomaly mediation can be of the order of 100GeV and can be dominant compared to that mediated by bulk fields. A lighter physical mode composed of the radion and the moduli can have mass of the order of a TeV and the gravitino mass can be of the order of 10^7 GeV. The radius is stabilized by the presence of the constant boundary superpotentials. We also find that the mass splitting has an interesting dependence on the bulk mass parameter c.
Comment: Submitted for the SUSY07 proceedings, 4 pages, LaTeX, 1 eps figure
High Energy Physics - Theory, High Energy Physics - Phenomenology