Warehousing Web Data

Darmont, Jérôme
Boussaïd, Omar
Bentayeb, Fadila
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In a data warehousing process, mastering the data preparation phase allows substantial gains in terms of time and performance when performing multidimensional analysis or using data mining algorithms. Furthermore, a data warehouse can require external data. The web is a prevalent data source in this context. In this paper, we propose a modeling process for integrating diverse and heterogeneous (so-called multiform) data into a unified format. Furthermore, the very schema definition provides first-rate metadata in our data warehousing context. At the conceptual level, a complex object is represented in UML. Our logical model is an XML schema that can be described with a DTD or the XML-Schema language. Eventually, we have designed a Java prototype that transforms our multiform input data into XML documents representing our physical model. Then, the XML documents we obtain are mapped into a relational database we view as an ODS (Operational Data Storage), whose content will have to be re-modeled in a multidimensional way to allow its storage in a star schema-based warehouse and, later, its analysis.
Computer Science - Databases