How to control nonlinear effects in Binder cumulants

Meurice, Yannick
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We point out that ignoring nonlinear effects in finite size scaling may lead to errors in estimates of the critical temperature and Binder cumulants. We show that the order of magnitude of these effects can be estimated from data at relatively small volume. Using this estimate, we propose to use linear fits in increasingly small temperature regions as the volume is increased (rather than using a fixed temperature interval). The choice of the exact coefficient of proportionality can be optimized and reveals interesting crossing patterns among estimates. We show that the new procedure works very well for Dyson's hierarchical model. We discuss applications of the method for 3 dimensional spin models and finite temperature lattice gauge theories and comment on the nonlinear effects for existing calculations.
Comment: 14 pages, 11 figs, references added, presentation modified
High Energy Physics - Lattice, Condensed Matter - Statistical Mechanics, High Energy Physics - Theory