Leptogenesis in Complex Hybrid Inflation

Prieto, Carlos Martinez
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We study the transference of an initial leptonic charge contained in a complex scalar field (waterfall field) at the end of the inflation to the leptons of the standard model and then convert this leptonic charge in baryonic charge by sphaleron process. The proposal is that this is done trough the decay of the complex scalar field particles into the right-handed neutrino which in turn decays into the left-handed lepton doublet and the Higgs field of the standard model. It must be analyzed in what environment the transference is done. We propose that the inflaton (the dominant energy density of the universe) decay into ultrarelativistic fermions before the waterfall field particles decay in the right-handed neutrino, leaving a thermalized bath where the transference of the leptonic asymmetry can be achieved.
Comment: 8 pages, 1 figure. Prepared for the AIP Conference Proceedings of the III International Meeting on Gravitation and Cosmology, Morelia, Mexico, May 26-30, 2008
High Energy Physics - Phenomenology