Scaling and correlations in three bus-transport networks of China

Xu, Xinping
Hu, Junhui
Liu, Feng
Liu, Lianshou
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We report the statistical properties of three bus-transport networks (BTN) in three different cities of China. These networks are composed of a set of bus lines and stations serviced by these. Network properties, including the degree distribution, clustering and average path length are studied in different definitions of network topology. We explore scaling laws and correlations that may govern intrinsic features of such networks. Besides, we create a weighted network representation for BTN with lines mapped to nodes and number of common stations to weights between lines. In such a representation, the distributions of degree, strength and weight are investigated. A linear behavior between strength and degree s(k) ~ k is also observed.
Comment: 9 pages, 6 figures and 2 tables. Slight difference from the published one
Physics - Physics and Society