SU(3)-Equivariant Quiver Gauge Theories and Nonabelian Vortices

Lechtenfeld, Olaf
Popov, Alexander D.
Szabo, Richard J.
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We consider SU(3)-equivariant dimensional reduction of Yang-Mills theory on Kaehler manifolds of the form M x SU(3)/H, with H = SU(2) x U(1) or H = U(1) x U(1). The induced rank two quiver gauge theories on M are worked out in detail for representations of H which descend from a generic irreducible SU(3)-representation. The reduction of the Donaldson-Uhlenbeck-Yau equations on these spaces induces nonabelian quiver vortex equations on M, which we write down explicitly. When M is a noncommutative deformation of the space C^d, we construct explicit BPS and non-BPS solutions of finite energy for all cases. We compute their topological charges in three different ways and propose a novel interpretation of the configurations as states of D-branes. Our methods and results generalize from SU(3) to any compact Lie group.
Comment: 1+56 pages, 9 figures; v2: clarifying comments added, final version to appear in JHEP
High Energy Physics - Theory