Near Optimal Broadcast with Network Coding in Large Sensor Networks

Adjih, Cédric
Cho, Song Yean
Jacquet, Philippe
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We study efficient broadcasting for wireless sensor networks, with network coding. We address this issue for homogeneous sensor networks in the plane. Our results are based on a simple principle (IREN/IRON), which sets the same rate on most of the nodes (wireless links) of the network. With this rate selection, we give a value of the maximum achievable broadcast rate of the source: our central result is a proof of the value of the min-cut for such networks, viewed as hypergraphs. Our metric for efficiency is the number of transmissions necessary to transmit one packet from the source to every destination: we show that IREN/IRON achieves near optimality for large networks; that is, asymptotically, nearly every transmission brings new information from the source to the receiver. As a consequence, network coding asymptotically outperforms any scheme that does not use network coding.
Comment: Dans First International Workshop on Information Theory for Sensor Netwoks (WITS 2007) (2007)
Computer Science - Networking and Internet Architecture